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Welcome to RAD Torque Systems
RAD torque wrenches are planetary gear reduction torque multipliers designed to deliver the most powerful, accurate and safe torque load of any torque multiplier on the market today. Our product lines, which include pneumatic, electric, and battery power tools, are capable of achieving torque values between 50 - 8500 ft.lbs and an accuracy between 3 - 5%.

NEW! E-RAD 6000

Capable of 6000 ft.lbs (8100 Nm...)

RAD Torque Systems is pleased to announce the addition of the E-RAD 6000 to its line up of E Series electronic tools. Driven by customer demand, this tool is capable of achieving 6000 ft.lbs of continuous torque output. The E-RAD 6000 shares the same technology as other E Series tools and includes features such as data collection, torque and angle, and low noise emission (70 db).

RAD Torque Systems – Making Advanced Design and Technology Affordable


Introducing the NEW RAD 60DX

RAD Torque Systems expands its line of already diverse products by offering another pneumatic torque wrench to its fleet of over 30 pneumatic wrenches. Capable of achieving 6000 ft.lbs, The NEW 60DX offers one of the highest power-to-weight ratios of any torque wrench on the market.


RAD Torque Systems is the leader in INNOVATION and DESIGN providing custom solutions for the Aerospace Industry. The E-RAD twin spindle tool provides tandem torque simultaneously to the main landing gear of a commercial airliner.

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